Seely’s Shoes

How does a middle aged woman embark on her upcoming second marriage? She whisks herself and her fiancé Speed, off to Italy to meet his family, of course. Their journey back into his past is mysteriously guided by intricate visions, unresolved emotions, spectacular landscapes, delectable food and remarkable characters.

All these threads weave themselves into a blanket that uncovers years of pain and family secrets. Eventually, the unsolved murder of Seely, Speed’s younger twin sister, is revealed. While you are left at the end with a sense of peace, you are also challenged to explore life’s moral dilemmas.

“I am not much of a reader but would like you to know I read “Seely’s Shoes” from cover to cover in one sitting this morning. I simply could not put it down. Thank you for such a wonderful story!!!!
   – Terri Ogletree, Marietta ,Georgia

Sample Chapters

Here are two chapters of my first book, Seely’s Shoes, for you to sample. If you enjoy them, you can buy the book on Amazon.

Seely's Shoes - Page 1

Seely's Shoes - Page 2

Seely's Shoes - Page 3

Seely's Shoes - Page 19

Seely's Shoes - Page 20

Seely's Shoes - Page 21

If you enjoyed these two chapters, you can buy the book on Amazon.