February 6, 2018

Gail has a great ability to tailor her presentation to each grade level, she was able to not only engage but teach groups ranging from K-5th grade.  We are looking forward to having her back to present to our Pre-K as well.

The personal connections she has to her story really brought it to life. Students loved being active participants in the storytelling as Gail allowed them to hold interesting props and make sound effects on cue. Listening to Gail speak about her authorship was very interesting, she gave some great advice that our students are able to learn from and apply to their own writing.

Melissa Singh

The Atlanta Academy 



December 19, 2017

Author Gail Heller – The Nog Story


Gail Heller’s visit to our school was wonderful. She presented her imaginative book, “The Nog Story” to three groups of our students 2 to 6 years of age. All of the children’s senses were engaged by her vivacious presentation and interactive storytelling. She applies her knowledge, experience, and well seasoned teaching techniques to engage and keep the children’s focused attention. In a step by step build up to the actual story itself she gives a yummy description of the taste of egg nog as melted vanilla ice cream. She gives the children the opportunity to help her with story props, and the exciting job of providing sound effects. The story is a fairy tale incorporating familiar and imaginary elements of the natural world and the relationship of family to describe a long historical holiday tradition. We really enjoyed Ms Heller’s clever and well thought out presentation at Children Today Montessori Learning Center.


December 11, 2017

Dear Gail,

Thank you so much for visiting the students of Mount Pisgah Christian School and sharing your book, The Nog Story, A Tale about the Origin of Eggnog.  The students were all engaged with your hands-on presentation!  Even our youngest students were able to participate and follow along.  We greatly appreciate the ease with which you entertained us all and made the story come to life.  We will all be listening for popping sounds as we enjoy our eggnog this Christmas!

We anxiously await the release of your next book and cannot wait to have you come back to share it with us. Thank you again for willingness to share your wonderful story. We wish you and your family a Merry Christmas,

Karen Barnes



Thank you for coming and sharing your book and writing experiences with our students.

We enjoyed having Gail Heller come to our school. She had students actively engaged in the retelling of the story, using props and sound effects. Our older students learned about the writing process and the steps taken to publish. She provided a strong message about persevering and pushing toward the goal regardless of rejection and wait time. Our students truly benefited from Mrs. Heller’s presentation.”


Gay Middleton

Curriculum/Teacher Support Specialist

Alpharetta Christian Academy