What are your dreams made of? Have you ever thought of a dream being turned into a reality or even a story? Local author & retired teacher Gail Heller is taking a literary journey to share her latest stories,“ Seely Shoes” and  “The Nog Story: A Tale About the Origin of Eggnog.” Over the past two years, she has been a guest at local festivals, schools, restaurants, senior living & boutique events promoting “Seely’s Shoes.” This novella was based on a mesmerizing dream that leads her into writing this mysterious story that raves attention of locals that love quick reads!  

While on her journey as a new author, Gail decided to incorporate a charitable organization into her book talks. She partnered with Soles4Souls, an international organization which distributes shoes to disaster victims around the world. Their motto, “Changing the world one pair at a time”, motivated  Gail to collect 600 pounds of shoes.

Meanwhile, Gail’s dream to have her beloved children’s Christmas story published, turned into a reality in 2017. Local art student, Stephanie Tian, beautifully illustrated this whimsical story. Grateful Steps, a non-profit publisher in Asheville, North Carolina  launched “The Nog Story-A Tale About the Origin of Eggnog.”   10% of proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.  She is currently promoting both books.

 She attends local events and has been a guest speaker at many venues. Her website is www.gailheller.com