Meet Local Author Gail Heller: How She Combines Writing with Charity Work

What are your dreams made of? Have you ever thought of a dream being turned into a reality or even a story? Local author & retired teacher Gail Heller is taking a literary journey to share her latest stories,“ Seely Shoes” and  “The Nog Story: A Tale About the Origin of Eggnog.” Over the past two years, she has been a guest at local festivals, schools, restaurants, senior living & boutique events promoting “Seely’s Shoes.” This novella was based on a mesmerizing dream that leads her into writing this mysterious story that raves attention of locals that love quick reads!  

While on her journey as a new author, Gail decided to incorporate a charitable organization into her book talks. She partnered with Soles4Souls, an international organization which distributes shoes to disaster victims around the world. Their motto, “Changing the world one pair at a time”, motivated  Gail to collect 600 pounds of shoes.

Meanwhile, Gail’s dream to have her beloved children’s Christmas story published, turned into a reality in 2017. Local art student, Stephanie Tian, beautifully illustrated this whimsical story. Grateful Steps, a non-profit publisher in Asheville, North Carolina  launched “The Nog Story-A Tale About the Origin of Eggnog.”   10% of proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity.  She is currently promoting both books.

 She attends local events and has been a guest speaker at many venues. Her website is

Imagine a  family of four, traveling west in a covered wagon. They come across a mysterious house, occupied by a whimsical family. The secret to the creation and distribution of eggnog during Christmas season is cleverly revealed. As their joyful experience unfolds, we become part of their celebration of family, friends,  community and hard work. Remember to keep the secret of the butterflies within you.

I am looking forward to my book being published and released in January 2017.  If you would like to pre-order your copy please click on this link – The Nog Story: A Tale About the Origin of Eggnog

Truckload of Shoes

On Jan. 17,2014, Gail Heller had her son Jared and his friend Brandon deliver 53 boxes or 606 lbs. of shoes to a drop off point in Kennesaw, GA.  Gail collected all these shoes for Soles4Souls while promoting her book, Seely’s Shoes in 2013. The Soles4Souls organization was very appreciative and will be posting this on their (4)

Book Review

I met you last Friday at the Networking Lunch at Braise and purchased your book. I just finished reading it and really enjoyed it. I like your details of the characters and how you weave the past with the present. Great job! I think middle school age students will like this. I’m looking forward to your next book and helping you get into schools in Dawson County. If you ever have the chance, I’d love to get together and share our passions.

Welcome to My Website

Happy New Year! Last year was fantastic due to all of the wonderful positive response I received for my first book, Seely’s Shoes.

2014 is shaping up to be equally awesome and it is starting off with a bang, thanks to my new website, developed by DRIVE.

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